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At Paradyme, we understand the importance of video technology in any space. We offer a wide range of video solutions to meet your specific needs, ranging from single TVs to multiple displays. Our team specializes in crafting solutions that combine high quality video with thoughtful design and skillful installation. Whether you're looking for mirrored TVs, frame TVs that display digital art, or projectors with dedicated screens that go beyond traditional sizes, we can provide video solutions tailored to your application. Additionally, we offer motorized TV mounting options which help ensure video technology blends into any décor and is completely hidden away when not in use. With the latest 8K technology now available, our team can make sure you get the best video experience possible!


Projectors and screens are the only way to truly recreate the movie theater experience in your own home. While flat panel TVs may be an easier option, projectors are capable of producing significantly larger images with a greater range of aspect ratios than available on a TV. This allows you to view movies as they were originally intended without those pesky black bars ruining the image. Projector and screen setup also allows for easily adjustable settings based on what kind of movie you’re watching, giving you that perfect viewing experience every time. So if you want to create a real cinema experience right at home, projectors and screens are your best bet!


New TVs offer stunning clarity and resolution, coupled with a sleek design that takes up minimal space in any room. With 4K content readily available from streaming services and downloadable content, you can easily access the latest movies and shows for the ultimate viewing experience. And if your budget allows, you could even upgrade to 8K to get even more out of your TV screen. Many TVs today come in sizes up to 100” and most TVs are ultra-thin with a minimal bezel. Not only are modern TVs great for entertainment purposes but they also provide the perfect canvas for digital art when not being used for TV or movie watching. They provide the perfect balance of functionality and style, making them an ideal choice for any space.


Hidden televisions, mirror TVs and art frame TVs are perfect solutions for those who want their technology to be visible only when in use. These technological solutions not only allow you to save space, but they also create a stylish atmosphere in any room. Mirror TVs blend seamlessly into the mirror of your bathroom or bedroom and can provide you with access to all of your favorite movies and shows without intruding on the overall design aesthetic. Art frames can remain static on the wall as artwork when not being used and then transform into a sleek television when switched on. If you prefer minimalism but don’t want to sacrifice entertainment options, these hidden solutions are ideal for you. With mirror TV and art frame TV technology, it doesn’t have to be a choice between style and functionality. You can have both.

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