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Commercial technology can be the difference between success and failure for businesses and restaurants. Investing in lighting, video conferencing, and automation technologies can make a world of difference in customer and employee satisfaction. At Paradyme, our professionals are masters at creating luxurious visual and auditory experiences for any commercial business. We provide unique designs and installations to ensure the ideal combination of sound, lighting, and security for your restaurant or company. Our process starts with a consultation during which we meticulously examine every element of the automation you seek before providing you with recommendations you can trust. Installation continues after that until everything is finished. We at Paradyme take great pride in providing our customers with an experience that is unsurpassed when it comes to personalized electronics, security features, and other amenities. In short, investing in lighting, video conferencing, and automation technologies can drastically improve customer and worker satisfaction. We’ll make sure customer and worker satisfaction is improved today!



When looking to make your business a better place to work and improve customer satisfaction, commercial technology makes for an ideal choice, whether that’s for a restaurant or a corporate office. Our state-of-the-art audio-visual solutions — featuring digital signage for offices, retail, and houses of worship — are expertly crafted to give you a luxury experience. Create interactive white boards, utilize large format displays or video conference with ease in any environment including education, conferences rooms, and many more applications. Best of all, our automation solution ensures all elements come together seamlessly providing a productive atmosphere for employees and an attractive atmosphere for customers. Enjoy the height of commercial technology today with Paradyme!

Corporate Space Technology

Corporate spaces can benefit from the perfect combination of technology and luxury. Paradyme has developed unique design solutions that enhance productivity for any business, large or small. From luxurious displays built specifically to cater to office lighting and video calls, to excellent audio-visual systems that enable accessible conference calls, Paradyme offers an unparalleled experience.

We offer a full suite of products such as lighting control, video conferencing equipment, secure networks to meet all corporate needs, and even acoustic paneling ideas for improved privacy. Utilizing automation technology makes these systems easy to navigate and use by even the least tech savvy on your team. Paradyme’s technology-focused design solutions are the answer corporate businesses have been searching for to bring an air of sophistication and increase effectiveness in the workplace!

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Bar and Restaurant Technology

The top priority when it comes to restaurants and bars is customer satisfaction. Designing your space with your customers in mind can create the perfect atmosphere that will make guests more likely to stay longer and enjoy more of your tasty food and drinks. Create the right mood with quality speakers for music, TV's for the games, and digital signage to clearly advertise your specials and promotions. To make it even more convenient for your customers, provide wireless networks so, they can easily access things like social media, email, or online coupons while at your establishment — an added luxury that they're sure to appreciate. We also didn’t forget about security for your restaurant or bar. We have automated and secure alarm systems for you to choose from to keep inventory, staff, and customers safe always. Paradyme provides the services you need to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, so give us a call today!

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A/V Cabinetry and Installation Racks

A/V cabinetry is the perfect solution for restaurants, bars, and commercial businesses looking to elevate their entertainment options. Made from luxurious materials, these cabinets provide a modern way to house your audio and visual equipment while keeping cords and cables neatly tucked away. Whether you’re looking to ensure that customers can enjoy the big game or want to set the right tone in your restaurant with quality A/V selections, A/V cabinetry is the ideal choice. Not only is this product great for functionality, but also it lends a unique touch of luxury to your business that won’t fail to impress.

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Your local commercial technology installer is located right off Fulton Ave. across from the Tesla Car dealer and beside the Volkswagen dealership. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have about installation or our services at 916-971-9300.

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Installation Services


The first step in achieving an opulent aesthetic at your business is to arrange an on-site consultation with our experts. Our team will meet with you on your property to go over your goals, answer any questions or address any concerns, go over the ideas, and decide on a budget. Through this session, we can create a work scope that will guide us through the System Design & Engineering phase.

In order to ensure that we create a pleasant and welcoming ambiance, we also take great pride in our lighting design services and approach each project in a collaborative manner with our clients. Our dedication to giving you the finest experience possible is unwavering, and we do this by carefully choosing fixtures and figuring out installation plans that best accentuate the inherent beauty of the space.

At Paradyme, installation is one of our areas of expertise, and we take great delight in achieving the highest standards of accuracy and precision. Our installation specialists have received extensive training in the intricacies of a wide range of products and brands, enabling them to consistently deliver the best results. All of our installation personnel receive continual training as part of our investment in them, ensuring they are knowledgeable about the most recent standards and best practices for assembling the various components of your integrated systems and smart technology requirements. Our dedication to excellence entails a faultless installation and fine craftsmanship to ensure that your system performs as intended and consistently provides you with peace of mind.

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To make sure everything runs smoothly for you, Paradyme has selected the greatest brand partners who not only produce excellent items but also build a committed association with us. We are pleased to provide brands like Crestron, Extron, Shure and more that enhance, regulate, and power all of your businesses security, audio, and video systems.

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In terms of your demands for a synced and beautiful display of products for your business, Paradyme is renowned for its expertise and eagerness to help. Read a handful of the testimonials from our devoted customers to find out why we have been able to retain their loyalty and keep them coming back for more of the wonderful experience that only we can provide.

I brought my Sony 3000 ES in for repair. This was and probably still is a Sony certified repair shop. I unfortunately decided to connect the speaker wires when the receiver came on. Anyway, it quit working. I brought it in, and paid $115 for the repair. It works like new. I would use them again.

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Beautiful facility, dedicated demo rooms, capable friendly staff, exceptional brands available.

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