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Smart technology has revolutionized homes, bringing convenience, efficiency, and security to a new level. At Paradyme, we believe in delivering the ultimate customer experience through expert planning, thoughtful engineering, and passionate construction. Our dedicated salespeople will guide you through our showroom, ensuring you find the perfect smart home products for your smart home installation needs. Our experienced technicians provide in-person consultations, visiting your home to understand your unique smart home needs. With meticulous planning and construction, we bring your custom smart home solution to life. We take pride in offering the best service throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to final implementation. As a leader in smart home installation, we specialize in providing the best smart home systems and transforming your home into a smart, connected space. Whether you're looking for a smart home installer, smart household electronics, or a complete home smart renovation, trust Paradyme to exceed your expectations at every step.


To begin your project, schedule an on-site consultation with us. We value personal connections, so we'll meet you at your home or office to discuss your goals, answer questions, and establish a budget. Based on our conversation, we'll create a comprehensive scope of work that becomes the foundation for the next phase—System Design & Engineering. Paradyme ensures your vision is carefully considered, and we work collaboratively for a smooth and successful project journey.

System Design & Engineering

At Paradyme, we meticulously design and engineer your system to fit your needs and budget. Our comprehensive and well-documented design is created through collaboration with builders, designers, and other trades. We embrace changes and adapt effectively. Trust Paradyme to deliver a custom solution that exceeds your expectations, providing an exceptional experience. Your system design and engineering are in capable hands.


Paradyme understands the importance of lighting in creating an inviting atmosphere. Our collaborative lighting design services involve you and the building team. Together, we meticulously design a lighting scheme that enhances your space's natural beauty. With smart lights and intelligent lighting controls, we create a seamless integration that enhances aesthetics and adds convenience to your everyday life. Trust Paradyme for a well-designed lighting system that transforms your space.


Paradyme excels at seamlessly integrating smart technology into your home or business. With close collaboration, we schedule installations and adapt to changes. Our dedicated project management team ensures a smooth process, allowing our technical experts to deliver exceptional results. Trust us to handle your smart technology implementation with expertise, enhancing your daily life or business operations.


Paradyme approaches smart technology and integrated systems with skill, precision, and finesse. With specialized knowledge and continuous education, our trained technicians ensure optimized installations and seamless functionality. We take pride in executing your system design with craftsmanship, ensuring long-term reliability. Trust Paradyme to handle every aspect of your smart technology setup with care and expertise.


At Paradyme, we prioritize your needs and provide exceptional service throughout your journey. Our dedicated team is here to answer your questions and offer guidance on upgrades. Whether you have questions about your audio system or need guidance on future upgrades, we're here to help. Consider us your trusted technology experts, providing the best advice and solutions. With us, you can confidently navigate the tech landscape and enjoy a seamless experience.

Plan Your Next Project Send us your details or questions, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals will reach out. Our experts will develop the ideal plan and assemble the perfect smart technology fit for your next project. Give your home, business, or car an upgrade in smart audio or video.

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