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With over 40 years of experience in the electronics industry, our experts have amassed a wealth of knowledge about vintage stereos and how to repair them that would otherwise remain elusive secrets. We can repair vintage stereos, add Bluetooth to devices, repair old audio tube amplifiers, and fix controls quickly and economically, injecting them with life once again so that these precious heirlooms can be enjoyed and passed down through generations. Our team holds your vintage stereos to the highest standard, ensuring you receive only the most luxurious repair service there is. Invest in vintage stereo repairs today and give your treasured items a new lease on life.



At Paradyme, vintage stereo repairs are a service like no other. As the leading vintage stereo repair service in the area, Paradyme is dedicated to carefully restoring those vintage stereos that are cherished elements of past eras. Showcasing our attentiveness to detail and use of cutting-edge technology, we go the extra mile with each vintage stereo repair job brought through our doors; also sourcing original parts in order to maintain these unique mementos as authentically as possible. Our skilled technicians will approach your vintage stereo repairs with utmost respect — understanding that what may be just another piece of equipment for us is an irreplaceable treasure for you.

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Our vintage stereo repair and reconditioning expertise is unparalleled, offering services ranging from vintage stereos repairs to adding Bluetooth capabilities as well as restoring vintage audio components. Expert repairs and reconstructions are also available to restore scratchy volume controls, karaoke machines, vintage cassette decks, and other vintage audio equipment. We also offer top-tier reconditioning of wood in antique consoles and cabinets so that you can enjoy all the sound quality with a vintage look. Whatever audio or video component needs attention, our team of professionals at Paradyme will take extra care of your antique procession to get it back to it’s working self.

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Your local vintage stereo repair services is located right off Fulton Ave. across from the Tesla Car dealer and beside the Volkswagen dealership. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have about installation or our services at 916-971-9300.

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We don’t just repair vintage stereo’s, we also recondition and repair CD players, vintage cassette decks, and more. Our repair services are the best in the Sacramento, CA area. Our team is ready and excited to take on their next challenge with your antique radio. We start our repair services with a full assessment of your product and a comprehensive plan of how we can improve it for you. We know vintage pieces are coveted and meant to be passed down for generations, so trust us with providing your radio, karaoke, or old cassettes with a complete revitalization.

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In recent years, the turntable has made a strong comeback on the stereo market. There are a lot of brand-new turntables with excellent performance available. It wouldn't be a bad idea to purchase a new turntable. However, certain features and functionalities might only be present in historical turntables, or the turntable might be a component of the matching system. Also possible is a custom installation in a sound console. Instead of purchasing a new turntable, you can decide to fix your ancient one. Many old turntables have been repaired by our vintage stereo repair department. If you have any additional queries, kindly contact us!

What is the aim of using your receiver, is the response. The new surround sound receivers are built with the most recent home theater technologies, including HDMI and a digital surround sound processor. It's ideal for watching a movie. In the 1970s and 1980s, we referred to it as a HiFi (High fidelity) system. Music enthusiasts have a lot of great options when it comes to tube amplifiers from the 1960s.

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In terms of your desire to have your vintage stereo repaired, Paradyme is renowned for its expertise and eagerness to help. Read a handful of the testimonials from our devoted customers to find out why we have been able to retain their loyalty and keep them coming back for more of the wonderful experience that only we can provide.

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