The Spectacular Klipsch Heritage Showroom

by Steven Ell

Entrance to Klipsch Showroom

The Spectacular Klipsch Heritage Showroom

The first showroom in Northern California to showcase all five models in the Klipsch Heritage floor-standing speaker lineup is now open for your viewing and listening pleasure. Located in Sacramento, this showroom was precision-designed for these speakers and is a truly spectacular environment for enveloping the listener in the absolute beauty and utmost in audio quality. The showroom attracts audio engineers and acoustic experts all the way from the San Francisco Bay Area to experience this legendary sound quality.

Inside Klipsch Showroom

The speakers displayed include:

  • Klipschorn This is Klipsch’s original three-way speaker, utilizing horn-loaded technology for broadened, spectacular sound. The latest edition includes an all-new neodymium tweeter and superior wire management. They are designed for easy placement in any space.
  • La Scala Aside from the legendary Klipschorn, the La Scala AL5 is the only other horn-technology-empowered speaker in the Heritage series line. It provides supreme sound within a compact design, and the tonal definition, accuracy and clarity are remarkable.
  • Cornwall The Klipsch Cornwall IV, a masterwork of a speaker, continues the design genius of Paul W. Klipsch. It will fill your room with ultra-precise sound reproduction including the most minute details. It includes three-way 15” horn-loaded speakers and a newly developed compression driver. The mid-horn is created with patented Mumps technology providing more uniform sound coverage, and Tractrix ports that aim high-frequency energy directly at the listener. The aluminum input panel accommodates high-quality speaker cables when bi-amping or bi-wiring is desired.
  • Forte The Forte has been an outstanding part of the Klipsch line since its 1985 release, and the Forte IV now possesses the most modern acoustic engineering advancements along with updated cosmetics. It features a wide dispersion phase plug as part of its titanium diaphragm high-frequency driver for extension of high-frequency response. The recently-developed K-702 midrange compression driver creates extraordinary dynamics and detail. With more uniform sound coverage courtesy of our patented Mumps technology, the Tractrix horn provides consistent quality throughout the room.
  • Heresy The Heresy three-way design started life in 1957 to accompany the original Klipschorn as a compact center channel speaker within three-speaker stereo patterns. Today it includes the all-new K-702 midrange compression driver, which allows for incredible sound detail. It has a rear port which provides the most rapid air transfer within this speaker’s class, creating more punch in lower frequencies. The K-702 midrange contains the K-704 Tractrix horn, allowing for a broader coverage pattern. The titanium diaphragm high-frequency driver includes a wide-dispersion phase plug, making for even distribution of high frequencies. Truer-to-life sound, incredible efficiency and power handling are provided by an all-new high-fidelity network.

Speaker Setup

The electronics utilized to showcase these speakers include McIntosh hand-crafted home audio products, themselves in business since 1949 and famous for having their amplifiers used at the legendary Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. Also used are PrimaLuna top-of-the-line proprietary tube amplifiers for bright, peerless sound.

Klipsch Showroom

Klipsch Heritage has stood proudly as an American brand for nearly 75 years, and allows no shortcuts. Today as in the beginning, these speakers are hand-crafted in Hope, Arkansas. It was there in a tiny tin shed that Paul W. Klipsch, in 1946, first designed and built the now-legendary Klipschorn speaker. His goal was to bring live music’s unique sound right into his living room, and generations of audio pioneers and music lovers have been forever impacted by his speaker research and innovation.

Audio Setup Klipsch

When you order a Klipschorn Heritage speaker, it is individually built to order. It is uniquely yours, not just another disposable bit of high-tech. Each is a legitimate heirloom you will pass down the generations.

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