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For years the audio industry has looked for ways to improve the performance of our music and movie systems. We used isolation bases, record clamps and many other so called tweaks. Well one of the ways that can greatly improve your system is the addition of a power conditioning device. They protect against electrical surges and spikes, clean up the noise coming in on the power line, isolate the digital and analog circuit noise from each other and in some cases are UPS backup devices too. Power conditioners are an absolute necessity if you want your system to perform as good as it can and have years of trouble free performance.

When you choose the right power product, for your system, you will notice improvements in bass, smoothness, detail and a lowering of noise levels. These are a few of the performance enhancements that bring out the best in your system.

We are fortunate to sell the three finest power conditioning products on the market; Furman, Richard Gray, and Panamax.


What does Hollywood, Pro audio, and Consumer Electronics have in common? They all use Furman surge and line conditioning products. Designed for the most critical applications Furman products are the professionals’ choice. Whether on the soundstage or in your living room there is a Furman product for you.

Richard Gray

The first hi end line conditioning product for audiophiles. Richard Gray’s products have used unique solutions to solve long standing problems. Whether it’s audio or video you will be able to appreciate the improvements to your system.


The first surge and spike protection products for both the audio and computer world!  Started in San Rafael CA. in 1975, Panamax is the country’s preeminent designer and manufacturer of electronic and electrical protection, filtration and control products. They have the product you need to solve the problem you have.

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