4K Projectors

Get an unmatched immersive feel with our collection of high definition projectors.

The Ultimate Big Screen

Even though TVs are getting bigger and bigger, they’re still tiny compared to what’s possible with a front projector. To quote one of the founding fathers of the home theater industry “it’s not a home theater unless you have a front projector.” Using a separate screen and projector can give you the closest experience to being in a movie theater at home as possible.

When you think of front projectors, do you think of those massive CRT projectors from the old days? Forget it. Just as TV technology has moved on, so has front projection. Modern projectors are incredibly bright, and offer some of the best picture quality you can buy. Sony’s SXRD projectors offer vibrant, lifelike images with whisper-quiet performance. Epson’s projectors are renowned for their spectacular light output, letting you have a 12-foot wide screen in your home… or more! We’re even starting to see “Ultra HD” 4K projectors with four times the resolution of 1080p TVs.

Screens have advanced too. Stewart offers many different motorized screens that disappear when not in use. SI Screens has ambient light-rejecting screens that don’t require total light control in the room.

How big a screen can you fit in your room? How big a screen do you want in your room? We can show you numerous projector and screen options, and find the right one for your room and budget.

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