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The Turntable Revival


LP. Vinyl. Phonograph records. 45’s. These words are near and dear to many of us who grew up with a “record player.” We’re joined by a whole new generation of young audiophiles who have come to appriciate the unique sound and experience only vinyl can provide.

Handling the record with the utmost care. Setting the needle in the groove. Sitting back to enjoy music while reading the liner notes, the only interruption the need to turn the record over. For many of us, this is music enjoyment at its finest.

Even with high quality downloads now taking digital audio playback to new levels, the best record and a quality turntable are still the standard to beat. Far from a dying format, vinyl is actually growing in popularity. In the United States, annual vinyl sales increased by 85% between 2006 and 2007, and by 89% between 2007 and 2008. Over 3 million record albums were sold last year.
Project Debut Carbon in Red


This modern revival in turntables and records is a testimony to the superior sound of analogue playback. Old records and out of print recordings in particular are in much demand by collectors. Many new releases by popular artists are made available in vinyl, as well as re-issues on audiophile-grade vinyl with high quality sleeves. A turntable has the unique ability to extract a wealth of information from the grooves and reproduce it with a warmth that brings the listener closer to their music. It is a more involving experience than digital media.
Project Debut Carbon in Black


Turntables are available at all budget levels, and we are proud to introduce a turntable that’s a tremendous performer at a more than reasonable price. In 2012, the new Sumiko Debut Carbon once again sets a new standard in terms of cost-versus-performance by evolving the Debut to a higher level of build precision, sound quality and aesthetics. It has an amazing carbon arm, unheard of in this price class. Fitted to the carbon fiber arm is a true high-end cartridge: the 2M Red phono cartridge by Ortofon. This arm/cartridge combination is quite capable of exceptional tracking and recovery of the musical nuance found within the records grooves. The Debut Carbon is offered in seven high-gloss fashion colors and a full-sized hinged dustcover is included. There is even a USB version available for those that would like to archive their precious vinyl.

At Paradyme Sound and Vision, we have turntable setup experts on staff. Even with cartridges pre-installed on many models, the alignment should still be checked and adjusted properly. We perform this at no charge on every new table we sell. We also perform turntable tune-up services for your existing rig, as well as cartridge recommendation and installation. We have a variety of quality phono preamps to select from so compatibility with your system is not an issue. A properly set up table is essential to getting the most out of our beloved vinyl.

Come in for a demo and experience the warmth and vibrancy of vinyl again, or for the first time.

Jim Potts

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