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B&W 805

How many times have you heard someone say: “Wow, that speaker must be great for rock!” The fact is, a great speaker should be able to sound great with any type of music. If you “hear” your speaker, something is wrong. The goal of a speaker is to let you hear the quality of your recordings, not an editorialized version.

Selecting the speaker that’s right for you should be a fun experience. Our audio specialists can guide your decision based on your rooms’ acoustics, the décor, and the electronics you’re using. Bring in your favorite music and listen to our wide selection of great speakers.

And what a selection. Here at Paradyme we’re lucky to have the pick of the litter in quality speakers. Only the best from the USA, England and Canada!

Bowers and Wilkins B&W

B&W 800D Speakers at Abbey Road Studios

B&W 800D Speakers at Abbey Road Studios

A complete range of all speaker types. Designed (and primarily made) in the UK, B&W is one of our most popular brands. They’re used in recording studios all over the world, which means they must be natural sounding and not fatiguing. They are typically easy to drive with a modestly powered amp or receiver. B&W offers some incredible new theater packages too, with real value for the money.

From Abbey Road Studios to your living room, B&W speakers are the industry standard for how you’re favorite music is recorded and played back. Designed by music loving engineers in the U.K., B&W speakers are world renowned for musicality and accuracy. Drawing from the technology invented in the industry-standard Nautilus 801D, B&W trickles down its technology to the rest of their speaker line. They offer not only the absolute best, but also some of the best value in speakers today. B&W offers a wide range of speakers and we are sure we can find one that will fit your needs.



Designed by fanatics and owned by music lovers! Golden Ear Technology comes from a long heritage of speakers companies. Started by Sandy Gross, formerly of Polk and Definitive Technology, Golden Ear combines unique technologies in a sleek black design, delivering amazing quality of sound for affordable prices. Let us demonstrate how AMT tweeters can revolutionize your listening.



Magnepan 1.7


Paradigm Prestige

Hand crafted in Canada to the most exacting standards, Paradigm speakers are considered the best value in audio today. Tuned and matched within a ¼ dB of the reference model, you can’t go wrong selecting a Paradigm speaker for your two-channel or home theater listening. All the reviewers rave about the audiophile performance of Paradigm. Come in and hear what they are raving about.

Sonance Architectural

Sonance Architectural


We don’t forget about architectural speakers either. Sonance was the first company to offer good-sounding speakers to go into your ceiling, walls or garden. If you’re concerned about looks, the fit and finish of Sonance speakers is impeccable. They can even be painted to match your color scheme. From light can-sized footprints to rock-looking speakers, Sonance has the right choice for you.

Paradyme is your one stop shop for all your speaker needs. We are certain that our selection has the right speaker for you. Come in for a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

SVS Sound Revolution

Triton II

PB16 Ultra

SVS speakers is the latest addition to our line up. Bass performance is second to none. And in addition, it comes with an incredible App.  In fact, in a short amount of time, SVS has become a subwoofer brand known for its clean, sweet, and punchy bass at at incredible value.

SVS was founded in 1998 by a group of audio enthusiasts seeking to develop a better alternative to the under-performing and over-priced subwoofers flooding the retail market.

They exceeded all expectations, and SVS is now a household name with a global presence and robust brand cache. Please come in for a demo. You will not be sorry.

Paradyme is your one stop shop for all your speaker needs. We are certain that our selection has the right speaker for you. Come in for a listen, you won’t be disappointed. Related: Home Theater Whole House Music Systems Outdoor Entertainment

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