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Amazing Personal Music Listening

B&W P3 Headphones

We all love to listen to music wherever we go. Whether we’re flying on a plane, hiking, jogging, or just sitting and reading a book, it seems we’re always listening to music.

Shouldn’t that music experience be as good as possible?

Think of headphones as miniature speakers. They operate on the same basic principles, but don’t have to send the sound across a room. They range in size from ear buds (which go in your ear), to on-ear (which are small headphones that sit on your ears), to large over-ear or around-the-ear designs. Each of these types has their own application. Oh and don’t forget that we also have wireless, Bluetooth, and noise cancelling headphones.

C5 Gloss Black with iPhone

We feature headphones form around the world. Sennheiser from Germany, B&W from England, Paradigm from Canada, and Grado from the USA!

We have the right headphone for you! Come in and have a listen.


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