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AV & Power Cables

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The expression “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is a great analogy for how wires function in your A/V system. Wire acts as a filter in any electrical system. The goal of a great wire is to have as little loss from input to output as possible.

A great cable is made up of a number of things: quality metals, great connectors, proper shielding, and geometrically correct dielectrics. When a great manufacturer pays attention to these parameters you usually end up with a great cable.

Audioquest is one such great manufacturer. Basing all their technologies on proven scientific principles they deliver the right performance for all A/V needs. Be it HDMI, digital, analog interconnects, or speaker wire, you will experience why good wire is important when you use Audioquest cables.

HDMI: the key here is bandwidth. To insure performance with future systems you need heavy gauge conductors with superior conductivity. If you experience signal loss or picture dropout it could be that you are using inferior HDMI cables.

Digital Cable: these need to be a 75ohm cable with proper shielding from external RF signals and 75ohm connectors.

Analog Cables: proper conductors for the frequencies to be reproduced, a combination of different strand sizes, and quality connectors make for a good audio cable.

Speaker Wire: For speakers, the key is as much copper or silver as you can afford plus twisting the positive and negative conductors to reject stray RF signals.

If you haven’t heard the difference it’s time to come in and experience what we have. The first time we heard a quality cable compared to regular wire we were amazed! We think you will be too!

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