Car Sound Calibration

Car Sound Calibration – Make Your Car Audio Sound Amazing

Take a look at how we can precisely tune your car audio system to perform at its best.

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For the ultimate in audio reproduction and clarity there is nothing more enjoyable than a calibrated audio system.  Why invest in a great sound system without doing that last remaining step? All musical instruments needs to be tuned. It really makes a difference!  So take a look at our car sound calibration service.

Ahead of the Rest

Our competitors do not have such capabilities. Using an advanced sound analyzer and, more important, with his skills, our owner (with over 30 years in the car audio business and is well known in the industry for tuning cars) can maximize the peak performance of your car’s audio system. He will ensure your system will deliver the absolute best it has to offer.

The Way It’s Done

During the process he will custom tune your system from the highest frequency down to the deepest, low frequency bass. He will adjust your sound processor, crossovers and detect any potential shortcomings in the speaker system. All of our best installations take full advantage of this Paradyme exclusive service. Call today and make an appointment and hear what you’ve been missing.

Our owner is an highly respected, internationally recognized car competition sound judge, and has served in the following competitions:

  • IASCA World Finals
  • IASCA Japan Finals
  • IASCA China
  • IASCA Korea

And he has been invited as a guest trainer to IASCA in China, Japan, and Korea. There, after the presentation, he conducted hands on sessions with the contestants on the art of car audio tuning. Many of these contestants went on to win world championships and later became world class trainers themselves.

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