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Car Audio Systems

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Turn Your Driving into a Pleasure Trip

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In Sacramento, a car doesn’t just get you from point A to point B. It’s a badge of who you are. Whether you drive a SUV, touring coupe, minivan or exotic performance car it’s an outward extension of your unique personality. Which is why Paradyme stocks the most innovative Car Audio and Entertainment Systems that personalizes your experience.

The Best Brands!

With quality brands such as Rockford Fosgate, Image Dynamics, Helix, Audison, Audio Control, Pioneer, Kenwood, and Alpine, Paradyme can custom design, fit and install them to your personal tastes. If your tastes run to the extreme Paradyme also offers the ultimate in cutting edge Power Amplifiers and subwoofers that will truly customize your ride.

We Create the Acoustics

Audio systems that literally create a rolling sound stage capable of kicking some asphalt no matter where you are. Paradyme can also craft and design custom speaker enclosures and arrays that fit to your car’s interior style and size. Paradyme has won numerous awards both here in the U.S, and Japan for its creative audio designs. Along with the best in Car Audio Paradyme also integrates GPS systems, Video Entertainment incorporating DVD and Video game hookups plus the latest in advanced security systems to keep it all safe. Finally, to make your system sound great (not just good, but great!), Paradyme offers an unique service unmatched by others, sound calibration by an experienced professional. We cannot over emphasize the value of this process.

Sound Damping Installation

We Can Dampen Road Noise with MESA Mat

With MESA Mat, we can eliminate much of your car’s road noise and rattles, allowing your audio system to be fully heard and enjoyed. MESA Mat is a special noise absorbing material we apply to high vibration sections of your car such as door panels and trunks. They are installed under the panels so they are not seen but its effects quite remarkable and it has a huge impact on the music sound quality. We have a highly trained experienced MESA Mat installation team.

Installing a Custom Subwoofer System

Installing Custom Subwoofer System

Paradyme Car Audio System

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