Tube Amp Repairs

Tube Amp Repairs

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Tube Amp Repairs

We’ve been doing Stereo Tube Amp Repairs for over 30 years. Our technicians received their training during the days when TV’s and amplifiers made with vacuum tubes. They continued their career through the transition to transistors, integrated circuits, and now, onto microprocessors. Their legacy skills and experiences are invaluable assets which most repair shops do not have. We still have the original tube testing equipment acquired during the height of the tube era.

These are some of the brands of Tube components we’ve have repaired in the recently:

  • Acoustic Research
  • Conrad Johnson
  • Fisher
  • McIntosh

Repair Procedure:

For tube amp repairs, we charge an initial $60 diagnostic fee to determine the source of the defect and generate an repair estimate. The diagnostic fee is included in the repair estimate.


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