Home Theater Design

Home Theater Design

Our designing skill has been perfected from over 3 decades thereby ensuring the highest levels of quality for you!

Home Theaters are not all created equal. For over 30 years Paradyme has designed, created and installed the best in Home Theaters from grand, full-featured Theater Rooms to simple, yet functional and robust, living area systems. No matter the size or budget, Paradyme brings its experience and expertise to your project delivering the best system that matches both your vision and budget.

Right From the Ground Up

Paradyme can create entire Theater Rooms, installing digital video projectors, theater sound systems, automated lighting and custom theater seating. We specialize in designing seamless solutions from the ground up matching not only décor and design but pairing with the latest in innovative video and audio.

We Get it Done Right

We also take our experience in large projects and apply it to smaller scale solutions. We will install flat screen televisions taking care to hide any wiring or supports. We will also help you choose and install an audio system that fits your budget while also delivering the sound you desire. Don’t take the chance of buying from a “Big Box” store and being left to figure it out for yourself. Paradyme will work with you and design a Home Theater solution you’ll be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

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