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Welcome to the finest brands of audio and video components from the world’s most innovative manufacturers. Within this section of our site you will find only the finest quality products. But don’t stop here, we invite you to visit us in person to try everything out.

High Definition and 4K HD Televisions

High Definition and 4K HD TelevisionsModern high definition televisions come in a variety of screen sizes ranging from conveniently compact to astonishingly large. With wide viewing angles, minimal light reflection and thin profiles they’re sure to live up to their job being the center of attention. We carry HDTVs from: LG • Panasonic • Sony • Sharp • Seura • Samsung • Sunbrite

LG Sony Sharp TV Seura Samsung TV SunBrite TV


Movie Servers

Put your movie collections online in your home for instant viewing. Purchase online and download your movies in Blu-ray or 4K UHD quality. A must have for serious Home Theaters. We carry: Kaleidescape




The theater experience is only half complete without quality speakers. Bring out the full force of your movie’s effects along with the rich soul of your music collection and enjoy listening like you never have before. Or if your preference is for two-channel music listening, we have the speakers for that too! We carry Speakers from: B&W • GoldenEar • Magnepan • Paradigm • Sonance • Soundcast • SVS

B&W SpeakersGoldenEar Technology Speakersmagnepan-logoParadigm ReferenceSonanceDana InnovationsSountcast

Home Audio & Components

Powerful speakers and brilliant monitors need a strong signal fed to them to optimize their output. High performance audio and video components decode the audio from surround sound formats and send it out with proper amplification to your speakers and ensure you’re getting the best picture possible. For the ultimate in listening enjoyment, experience music on a high-performance two-channel music system designed for your pleasure with audio components from some of the world’s finest quality manufacturers. We carry Audio & Video Components from: Audioquest • Furman • Integra • Marantz • McIntosh • MIT • Naim • Panamax • PrimaLuma • Project • Rega • Sennheiser • Sonos • Sony ES • Richard Grey.

AudioquestFurman Sound IntegraMarantz McIntosh LabsMITNAD ElectronicsNaim AudioParamaxPrimalumaProject Turntables RegaSennheiserSonosSonyES Richard Grays Power

Projectors & Screens

The performance of our new projectors and screens are amazing. They no longer require a completely dark room. Place them in your entertainment room along with your pool table or treadmill. These projectors are brighter than ever and our screens are designed for moderately lit rooms. They are all high definition and many with 3D capability. Our screens ranges from the inexpensive to the high performance custom made versions. We even have screens designed for your outdoor entertainment. Our trained experts can help you select the right projector and appropriate screen to fit your specifications.

We carry Projectors & Screens components from: Epson • JVC • Sony • Dalite • Drapter • Screen Innovations • Stewart.

Epson ProjectorsJVC D-ILASonyDaLite ScreensDraper ScreensScreen InnovationsStewart Filmscreen

Smart Home & Control

A home control system keeps your home electronics at your command. Your electronics will function perfectly in sync all from one simple to use touch screen. Besides audio and video sources this control system will control many other things like lighting, motorized shades, and alarms. Your touch screen is designed and programmed precisely to your needs. It integrates the control of your home electronics including every home theater and music component and your entire movie and music library (with the use of digital music and video servers). No more piles of remote controls with tiny buttons to navigate. We carry Home Automation & Control components from: Alarm.com • Control4 • Crestron • Extron • Lutron • Universal.

Alarm.comControl4Crestron ExtronGE SecurityLutronURC Universal Remote Control

Furniture & Accessories

Give your audio video equipment the home it deserves! Our contemporary furniture gives your home theater the finishing touches that take it to the next level. Whether it’s individual component stands or complete custom racks and shelves, we’ve got you covered. We carry Furniture & Accessories from: Chief • BDI • Middle Atlantic • Salamander • Sanus.

Chief ManufacturingBDI FurnitureKineticsMiddle Atlantic Salamander DesignSanus

Car Stereo, Alarms, Navigation, and Leather Seating

When you spend hours in your car, why not listen to your own music from your iPod. Let us integrate that into your car. And why get lost anymore or waste time? We’ve got the best Nav units on the market to get you there quickly. Come to paradyme where you can find all the top brands. We carry Car Stereo, Alarms, Navigation & Accessories from: Alpine • AudioControl • Audiovox • Audison • Crimestopper • Escort • Intoxalock • Helix • Hertz • JL • Kenwood • Lowcost • Metra • MESA Mat • Mobileye • Nav_TV • PAC • Pioneer • Scosche • Stinger • Viper • VizuaLogic.

Alpine ElectronicsAudio ControlAudiovoxAudisoncrimestopper-webDirectedEscortIntoxalockHelixHertz AudioJL AudioKenwoodLowCost InterlockMetraMobileyeNav-TVPAC-wedPioneer Electronicsscosche-webStingerViperVizualogic


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