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Our Sacramento Showroom

Our Sacramento Showroom

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Paradyme Sound & Vision, residential division with locations in Sacramento and Roseville, is the premier home entertainment provider and systems integrator in Sacramento Area and was named as Best Customer Service in the United States by Custom Retailer Magazine.

Since 1976 we have served our clients as both a retailer and custom systems installer. Over the years, we have continually expanded product offerings and services as the home entertainment industry has changed. Paradyme has grown from stereo retailing to providing home theater, home automation, high performance audio, and lighting control. Home security and computer networking are also part of our wide range of installation and integration services. The level of performance we provide for our retail, homeowner, and builder partners has earned us a reputation second to none.

Paradyme Car Audio, at our Sacramento location, has an amazing story. It was founded in 1981 with an enthusiasm and desire to have the best possible sound system in the car that also had the built-in factory look. We reached our goal but it was not an easy journey…it took countless trials and experimentation to acquire the skills and techniques we employ today. Along the way, Paradyme won numerous national awards for the best sound in car systems. Many of our craftsmen are still with us today and our tradition of building great sounding systems continues. Recently, we were honored to be voted the Best Car Store in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 by KCRA’s A-List.

Our History

Paradyme was founded in 1976 in downtown Davis, California. After graduating from UC Davis with an engineering degree and working in software industry, Leon SooHoo decided to pursue his lifelong passion in consumer electronics. He opened a very small store with only 800 sq. feet at 636 Fourth Street, named Odyssey Electronics. First the store sold scientific calculators, then added CB Radios, HiFi, and onto television. That was the beginning product selection. His passion was to seek out products with the best performance and values, explain its advantages, and make them work really well for his customers.

In time, other family members joined the business. Shirley SooHoo, Leon’s wife, managed the financial side. His brothers, Terry and Darryl were recruited. Darryl was still in High School.

Outgrowing the small store in 1979, the business moved to a new building at 404 2nd Street, owned and built by two of his customers. The business was renamed Paradyme. New and better brands were added. The business honed its offerings and service skills in Davis. With an extremely educated population, it was not an easy crowd to please. They had a saying, “If you can survive and prosper in Davis, you can succeed anywhere else”

At an urging from a prime vendor in 1981, Paradyme opened its first store in Sacramento, where it still remains today. In 2001, the company opened their Roseville store to service the expanding marketing.

After the move to Sacramento, Leon’s other brother, Gerry, joined the business. Eventually, the youngest brother, Donald, entered the business after he graduated from Davis. There were now 6 family members actively working. Truly, a family business!

Paradyme owes its success to the many long term employees (over 20 years) who are still here today. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they are a huge asset to both the company and its customers

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Since the beginning, Paradyme is committed to having passionate people who are devoted to this industry, a willingness to invest into their own development, and with a desire to go the extra mile for improved performance.

Paradyme is proud of our local heritage. The family members grew up here; went to school and raised their families here. Their roots are here; they have a great love for this area. They have sold and serviced thousands of customers and multiple generations. Their ability to adapt, to acquire, and explain new products and technologies mixed with strong emphasis on service is its secret to this longevity.

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